The conference aims to encourage interactions between academics and sports broadcast professionals. The purpose of this seminar is to facilitate an exchange of knowledge and develop a better understanding of the complexity of broadcasting diversity in sport. Each session will contain scientific presentations and a debate with media professionals, sport professionals and journalism lecturers (moderated by a subject specialist). A discussion with the public and with journalism students will also take place.

This conference also aims to provide the opportunity to reflect on and explore the practices, conditions and constraints of sports broadcasting. We think that this approach will allow delegates to debate the issues that lie beyond television, sport and the media, by rethinking the political implications of the issues of diversity.

The conference will take place in English and French to promote comparisons between the media in Canada, Spain, Italy and Great Britain. The conference will be broadcast live on the Internet. An event open to the general public is also organized at the Espace Sainte-Anne in Lannion. on Thursday evening.